Our Story


We’re beardos, just like you. We know that your beard is your accessory to rock, your ticket to swagger, your badge of bold manliness. 

Our founder, Cale, lives with sensitive skin. He knows the pain of breakouts and dryness caused by chemical-filled products. Now, he’s on a mission to get back to basics. Basic ingredients and bold, basic products that can help you live in style.

We started Beard Direct to give you access to real quality grooming products, so you can excel in your pursuits. This is so much more than a grooming accessory store. Beard Direct is also a hub where you can get pro skincare tips and good-looking inspiration. Use this space to discover hair and skin greatness and elevate your style.

We believe in unwavering quality, local manufacturers, integrity, and being your best self. We bring these qualities into every purchase you make in the way we source, supply, display, and care for our products. 

Let us take care of your beard, hair, and skin so you can take care of your world. Join us in an organic revolution!